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2023 journal article

Purification of a monoclonal antibody using a novel high-capacity multimodal cation exchange nonwoven membrane


By: J. Fan n, S. Sripada n, D. Pham*, M. Linova*, J. Woodley*, S. Menegatti n, C. Boi n, R. Carbonell n

author keywords: Salt-tolerant multimodal ligand; Membrane adsorber; Membrane chromatography; Nonwoven membranes; Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs); High-risk HCPs
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: June 5, 2023

2022 article

Towards continuous mAb purification: Clearance of host cell proteins from CHO cell culture harvests via "flow-through affinity chromatography" using peptide-based adsorbents

Sripada, S. A., Chu, W., Williams, T. I., Teten, M. A., Mosley, B. J., Carbonell, R. G., … Menegatti, S. (2022, April 22). BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING, Vol. 119.

By: S. Sripada n, W. Chu n, T. Williams n, M. Teten n, B. Mosley n, R. Carbonell n, A. Lenhoff*, S. Cramer* ...

author keywords: CHO; flow-through chromatography; host cell proteins; monoclonal antibodies; peptide-based adsorbents
MeSH headings : Animals; Antibodies, Monoclonal / chemistry; CHO Cells; Cell Culture Techniques; Chromatography, Affinity / methods; Cricetinae; Cricetulus; Peptides / chemistry; Proteomics / methods
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: April 10, 2022

2021 article

Longitudinal monitoring of cell metabolism in biopharmaceutical production using label-free fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy

Sternisha, S. M., Mukherjee, P., Alex, A., Chaney, E. J., Barkalifa, R., Wan, B., … Boppart, S. A. (2021, June 4). BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL.

By: S. Sternisha*, P. Mukherjee*, A. Alex*, E. Chaney*, R. Barkalifa*, B. Wan*, J. Lee*, J. Rico-Jimenez* ...

author keywords: bioreactor; fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy; mAb production; principal component analysis; process analytical technology
MeSH headings : Animals; Biological Products; CHO Cells; Cricetinae; Cricetulus; Microscopy, Fluorescence; NAD
Source: Web Of Science
Added: June 14, 2021

2021 article

Purification of polyclonal immunoglobulin G from human serum using peptide-based adsorbents

Chu, W., Sripada, S. A., Reese, H. R., Bhandari, D., Adams, A., Sly, J., … Menegatti, S. (2021, October 20). AICHE JOURNAL, Vol. 10.

By: W. Chu n, S. Sripada n, H. Reese n, D. Bhandari, A. Adams n, J. Sly, M. Crapanzano, S. Menegatti n

author keywords: affinity ligands; LigaGuard (TM); LigaTrap (TM); polyclonal antibodies; protein chromatography
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: November 1, 2021