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2022 article

Not all trees can make a forest: Tree species composition and competition control forest encroachment in a tropical savanna

Flake, S. W., Honda, E. A., Pilon, N. A. L., Hoffmann, W. A., & Durigan, G. (2022, January 20). JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY.

By: S. Flake, E. Honda*, N. Pilon*, W. Hoffmann & G. Durigan*

author keywords: Cerrado; competition; forest encroachment; stand development; tree growth; tree mortality; woody encroachment
Source: Web Of Science
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2021 article

Savannas are not old fields: Functional trajectories of forest expansion in a fire-suppressed Brazilian savanna are driven by habitat generalists

Flake, S. W., Abreu, R. C. R., Durigan, G., & Hoffmann, W. A. (2021, May 17). FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY.

By: S. Flake, R. Abreu, G. Durigan* & W. Hoffmann

author keywords: cerrado; community-weighted mean; competition; environmental filtering; fire suppression; functional traits; savanna-forest transition; succession
Source: Web Of Science
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2019 journal article

Fine-scale stand structure mediates drought-induced tree mortality in pinyon-juniper woodlands


By: S. Flake & P. Weisberg*

author keywords: bark beetle; competition; die-off; forest dieback; Great Basin; pinon; semiarid; stand dynamics
Source: Web Of Science
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2019 journal article

Rare frost events reinforce tropical savanna-forest boundaries

JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY, 107(1), 468–477.

By: W. Hoffmann, S. Flake, R. Abreu, N. Pilon*, D. Rossatto* & G. Durigan*

author keywords: Cerrado; cold tolerance; feedback; frost trap; phylogeny; savanna; tree; tropical forest
Source: Web Of Science
Added: March 11, 2019

2019 journal article

Seeding native species increases resistance to annual grass invasion following prescribed burning of semiarid woodlands

BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS, 21(6), 1993–2007.

By: A. Urza*, P. Weisberg*, J. Chambers*, D. Board* & S. Flake

author keywords: Biological invasions; Great Basin; Prescribed fire; Resistance to invasion; Restoration; Semiarid woodlands
Source: Web Of Science
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