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2019 journal article

Paleoproteomics of Mesozoic Dinosaurs and Other Mesozoic Fossils

PROTEOMICS, 19(16), 1800251.

By: M. Schweitzer n, E. Schroeter n, T. Cleland* & W. Zheng n

author keywords: dinosaurs; fossil; mesozoic; protein; soft tissues
MeSH headings : Animals; Biological Evolution; Bone and Bones / anatomy & histology; Bone and Bones / metabolism; Dinosaurs / anatomy & histology; Dinosaurs / classification; Dinosaurs / metabolism; Fossils; Mass Spectrometry / methods; Paleontology / methods; Proteins / analysis; Proteomics / methods
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID, Crossref
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2015 journal article

Mass Spectrometry and Antibody-Based Characterization of Blood Vessels from Brachylophosaurus canadensis


By: T. Cleland n, E. Schroeter n, L. Zamdborg*, W. Zheng n, J. Lee*, J. Tran, M. Bern*, M. Duncan* ...

author keywords: Brachylophosaurus canadensis; blood vessels; dinosaur; cytoskeleton; actin; tubulin; myosin; tropomyosin; tap honomy; preservation
MeSH headings : Actins / genetics; Actins / isolation & purification; Amino Acid Sequence; Animals; Blood Vessels / anatomy & histology; Blood Vessels / metabolism; Blood Vessels / microbiology; Bone and Bones / blood supply; Chickens; Dinosaurs / anatomy & histology; Dinosaurs / genetics; Dinosaurs / metabolism; Fluorescent Antibody Technique / methods; Fossils / anatomy & histology; Mass Spectrometry; Models, Biological; Molecular Sequence Data; Myosins / genetics; Myosins / isolation & purification; Phylogeny; Proteomics / methods; Sequence Alignment; Species Specificity; Struthioniformes; Tropomyosin / genetics; Tropomyosin / isolation & purification; Tubulin / genetics; Tubulin / isolation & purification
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2013 journal article

Molecular analyses of dinosaur osteocytes support the presence of endogenous molecules

BONE, 52(1), 414–423.

By: M. Schweitzer n, W. Zheng n, T. Cleland n & M. Bern*

author keywords: Osteocytes; Fossil; Dinosaur; T. rex; Ancient proteins; Ancient DNA
MeSH headings : Animals; Dinosaurs; Mass Spectrometry; Osteocytes / chemistry
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2012 journal article

Empirical evaluation of bone extraction protocols

PLoS One, 7(2).

By: T. Cleland, K. Voegele & M. Schweitzer

Source: NC State University Libraries
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2011 journal article

Histological, chemical, and morphological reexamination of the "heart" of a small Late Cretaceous Thescelosaurus


By: T. Cleland n, M. Stoskopf n & M. Schweitzer n

author keywords: Ornithischia; Computed tomography; X-ray diffraction; X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
MeSH headings : Animals; Dinosaurs / anatomy & histology; Fossils; Heart / anatomy & histology; Heart / diagnostic imaging; Microscopy, Electron, Scanning; Myocardium / chemistry; Myocardium / ultrastructure; Photoelectron Spectroscopy; Tomography, X-Ray Computed; X-Ray Diffraction
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2011 journal article

Osteogenesis, homology, and function of the intercostal plates in ornithischian dinosaurs (Tetrapoda, Sauropsida)

Zoomorphology, 130(4), 305–313.

By: C. Boyd, T. Cleland & F. Novas

Source: NC State University Libraries
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