Works (2)

2022 article

Asymmetrical lineage introgression and recombination in populations of Aspergillus flavus: implications for biological control

Molo, M. S., White, J. B., Cornish, V., Gell, R. M., Baars, O., Singh, R., … Carbone, I. (2022, March 14). (Vol. 3). Vol. 3.

By: M. Molo, J. White, V. Cornish, R. Gell, O. Baars, R. Singh, M. Carbone, T. Isakeit ...

Source: ORCID
Added: March 15, 2022

2019 journal article

Multi-locus DNA sequence analysis, antifungal agent susceptibility, and fungal keratitis outcome in horses from Southeastern United States

PLOS ONE, 14(3).

By: M. Cullen, M. Jacob, V. Cornish, I. VanderSchel, H. Cotter, M. Cubeta, I. Carbone, B. Gilger

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: April 15, 2019