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2020 journal article

Mothers' interoceptive knowledge predicts children's emotion regulation and social skills in middle childhood

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, 29(2), 578–599.

author keywords: emotion regulation; emotion socialization; interoception; middle childhood; parenting; social skills
Source: Web Of Science
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2016 journal article

EUReKA! A Conceptual Model of Emotion Understanding

EMOTION REVIEW, 8(3), 258–268.

By: V. Castro n, Y. Cheng n, A. Halberstadt n & D. Gruhn n

author keywords: emotion knowledge; emotion recognition; emotion understanding
Source: Web Of Science
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2015 journal article

Parents' emotion-related beliefs, behaviours, and skills predict children's recognition of emotion

Infant and Child Development, 24(1), 1–22.

By: V. Castro n, A. Halberstadt n, F. Lozada* & A. Craig*

Source: NC State University Libraries
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