Virginie Papadopoulou

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2023 journal article

An open-source framework for synthetic post-dive Doppler ultrasound audio generation

PLOS ONE, 18(4).

By: D. Le n, A. Hoang n, A. Azarang n, R. Lance*, M. Natoli*, A. Gatrell*, S. Blogg*, P. Dayton n ...

Source: Web Of Science
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2023 journal article

Deep Learning-Based Venous Gas Emboli Grade Classification in Doppler Ultrasound Audio Recordings


By: A. Azarang n, D. Le n, A. Hoang n, S. Blogg, P. Dayton n, R. Lance*, M. Natoli*, A. Gatrell* ...

author keywords: Ultrasonic imaging; Doppler effect; Ultrasonic variables measurement; Recording; Deep learning; Monitoring; Blood; Decompression bubble; decompression stress; diving research; squeeze-and-excitation deep learning model
MeSH headings : Humans; Decompression Sickness; Deep Learning; Sound Recordings; Embolism, Air / diagnostic imaging; Ultrasonography, Doppler
Source: Web Of Science
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2023 journal article

Effect of Anesthetic Carrier Gas on In Vivo Circulation Times of Intravenously Administered Phospholipid Oxygen Microbubbles in Rats


By: P. Durham n, A. Upadhyay*, J. Navarro-Becerra*, R. Moon*, M. Borden*, P. Dayton n, V. Papadopoulou n

author keywords: Bubble; Contrast-enhanced ultrasound; Ultrasound contrast agent; Tumor hypoxia; Radiation therapy
MeSH headings : Rats; Animals; Oxygen; Phospholipids; Microbubbles; Ultrasonography; Fluorocarbons; Anesthetics; Contrast Media
Source: Web Of Science
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2023 journal article

Overcoming biological barriers to improve treatment of a Staphylococcus aureus wound infection


By: V. Papadopoulou n, A. Sidders*, K. Lu*, A. Velez*, P. Durham n, D. Bui*, M. Angeles-Solano*, P. Dayton n, S. Rowe*

Source: Web Of Science
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2023 personal communication

Radiotherapy Sensitization With Ultrasound-Stimulated Intravenously Injected Oxygen Microbubbles Can Have Contrary Effects Depending on the Study Model

Papadopoulou, V., Stride, E. P., Borden, M. A., Eisenbrey, J. R., & Dayton, P. A. (2023, September).

By: V. Papadopoulou n, E. Stride*, M. Borden*, J. Eisenbrey* & P. Dayton n

Source: Web Of Science
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2022 review

Hyperbaric exposure in rodents with non- invasive imaging assessment of decompression bubbles: A scoping review protocol

[Review of ]. PLOS ONE, 17(9).

By: J. Currens n, P. Dayton n, P. Buzzacott* & V. Papadopoulou n

MeSH headings : Animals; Decompression; Humans; Research Design; Research Personnel; Research Report; Review Literature as Topic; Rodentia; Systematic Reviews as Topic
Source: Web Of Science
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