Viviane Zulian

abundance estimates, occupancy models, Bayesian analysis, endangered species

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2021 journal article

Endemic and Threatened Amazona Parrots of the Atlantic Forest: An Overview of Their Geographic Range and Population Size


By: V. Zulian, D. Miller & G. Ferraz

author keywords: Amazona; Psittacidae; species distribution models; data integration models; occupancy models; citizen-science; population size; count data
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2021 journal article

Integrating citizen‐science and planned‐survey data improves species distribution estimates

Diversity and Distributions, 27(12), 2498–2509.

By: V. Zulian, D. Miller* & G. Ferraz*

Ed(s): M. Jung

author keywords: citizen-science; data integration models; endangered species; geographic range; occupancy models; species distribution models; Vinaceous-breasted Parrot
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2020 journal article

Addressing multiple sources of uncertainty in the estimation of global parrot abundance from roost counts: A case study with the Vinaceous-breasted Parrot (Amazona vinacea)

Biological Conservation, 248, 108672.

author keywords: Endangered species; Imperfect detection; N-mixture model; Psittacidae; Roost count; Vinaceous-breasted parrot
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2018 journal article

Combined impacts of multiple non-native mammals on two life stages of a critically endangered Neotropical tree

Biological Invasions, 20(11), 3055–3068.

By: F. Dénes*, J. Tella*, V. Zulian, N. Prestes*, J. Martı́nez* & F. Hiraldo*

author keywords: Araucaria angustifolia; Exotic species; Invasion ecology; Invasive species; Keystone species; Life stages; Seed predation
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2016 journal article

Endangered plant-parrot mutualisms: seed tolerance to predation makes parrots pervasive dispersers of the Parana pine

Scientific Reports, 6(1).

By: J. Tella*, F. Dénes*, V. Zulian, N. Prestes*, J. Martı́nez*, G. Blanco*, F. Hiraldo*

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2021 - present

North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina, US
Postdoctoral Researcher Applied Ecology

2015 - 2021

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Porto Alegre, RS, BR


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2009 - 2014

Universidade Comunitária da Região de Chapecó Chapeco, SC, BR
Biologist Ciências Biológicas