Wilfred R Jester

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2011 journal article

Effect of cultural practices and fungicides on Phytophthora fruit rot of watermelon in the Carolinas

CROP PROTECTION, 30(7), 888–894.

By: C. Kousik*, M. Adams, W. Jester, R. Hassell*, H. Harrison* & G. Holmes

author keywords: Citrullus lanatus; Chemical control; Fruit rot; Oomycete; Phytophthora capsici; Fungicide
Source: Web Of Science
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2009 journal article

In-row Distance in Triploid Miniwatermelon Cultivars Affects Yield and Quality in Diverse Environments in the Southeastern United States

HORTTECHNOLOGY, 19(3), 538–545.

By: R. Hasse*, J. Schultheis, W. Jester, S. Olson* & G. Miller*

author keywords: Citrullus lanatus; seedless watermelon; location effect; genetic expression; population; plant density
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2007 article

First report of Sweet potato chlorotic stunt virus, a component of sweetpotato virus disease, in North Carolina.

Abad, J. A., Parks, E. J., New, S. L., Fuentes, S., Jester, W., & Moyer, J. W. (2007, March). PLANT DISEASE, Vol. 91, pp. 327–327.

By: J. Abad, E. Parks, S. New, S. Fuentes*, W. Jester & J. Moyer

Source: Web Of Science
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2007 journal article

Yield and quality of triploid miniwatermelon cultivars and experimental hybrids in diverse environments in the Southeastern United States

HortTechnology, 17(4), 608–617.

By: R. Hassell*, J. Schultheis, W. Jester n, S. Olson*, D. Maynard* & G. Miller*

Source: NC State University Libraries
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