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2023 article

Exploring the Prebiotic Activities of Proanthocyanidins on a Platform Using the Three-Dimensionally (3D)-Cultured Organoids

Xi, L., Wang, F., Cagle, D., Zhu, Y., Odle, J., & Xie, D. (2023, November 6). JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, Vol. 101, pp. 355–356.

By: L. Xi n, F. Wang n, D. Cagle n, Y. Zhu n, J. Odle n & D. Xie n

author keywords: antibiotics; Interleukins; organoids
TL;DR: It is concluded that epigallocatechin gallate is a potential PA monomer with all prebiotic characteristics and its applicable values in feedstuff and food supply should be studied in vivo studies in domestic (food) animals with and without antigen challenges. (via Semantic Scholar)
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2023 journal article

Identification and biosynthesis of plant papanridins, a group of novel oligomeric flavonoids

MOLECULAR PLANT, 16(11), 1773–1793.

By: Y. Zhu n, S. Yuzuak n, X. Sun n & D. Xie n

author keywords: flavanol polymerase; papanridin; flavan-3-ol; flav-2-en-3-ol; flavan-; flaven
TL;DR: A new polymerization pathway of a group of novel oligomeric flavonoids in plants is reported, termed 'papanridins', which will drive further investigations across plant science, nutrition, and animal sciences, seeking to unravel the significance of papanridin in both plants and food products. (via Semantic Scholar)
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2023 journal article

Metabolic engineering of the anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway in Artemisia annua and relation to the expression of the artemisinin biosynthetic pathway

PLANTA, 257(3).

By: R. Judd n, Y. Dong n, X. Sun n, Y. Zhu n, M. Li n & D. Xie n

author keywords: Anthocyanin; Artemisinin; Artemisinic acid; Arteannuin b; Artemisia annua; Plant tissue culture
MeSH headings : Artemisia annua / chemistry; Anthocyanins / metabolism; Biosynthetic Pathways; Metabolic Engineering; Reactive Oxygen Species / metabolism; Tandem Mass Spectrometry; Artemisinins / chemistry; Artemisinins / metabolism
TL;DR: The engineering of anthocyanins does not eliminate the biosynthesis of artemisinin in cells and a new hypothesis that enzymes catalyze the formation of art Artemisinin from dihydroartemisinic acid in non-GT cells is proposed. (via Semantic Scholar)
UN Sustainable Development Goal Categories
3. Good Health and Well-being (Web of Science; OpenAlex)
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2022 journal article

<p>Flavonols and dihydroflavonols inhibit the main protease activity of SARS-CoV-2 and the replication of human coronavirus 229E</p>

VIROLOGY, 571, 21–33.

By: Y. Zhu n, F. Scholle n, S. Kisthardt n & D. Xie n

author keywords: (+)-dihydrokaempferol; <p>(+)-dihydroquercetin (taxifolin)</p>; (+)-dihydromyricetin; Kaempferol; Quercetin; Myricentin; Isoquercitrin; Rutin; Flavan-3-ols
MeSH headings : COVID-19; Coronavirus 229E, Human / drug effects; Coronavirus 229E, Human / physiology; Coronavirus 3C Proteases / antagonists & inhibitors; Flavonols / pharmacology; Humans; Molecular Docking Simulation; SARS-CoV-2 / drug effects; Virus Replication / drug effects
TL;DR: In vitro inhibition assays showed that seven available compounds effectively inhibited the SARS-CoV-2 Mpro activity and their IC50 values ranged from 0.125 to 12.9 µM, which indicates that these antioxidative flavonols and dihydroflavonols are promising candidates for curbing the two viruses. (via Semantic Scholar)
UN Sustainable Development Goal Categories
3. Good Health and Well-being (Web of Science; OpenAlex)
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2022 journal article

A de novo regulation design shows an effectiveness in altering plant secondary metabolism


By: M. Li n, X. He n, C. La Hovary n, Y. Zhu n, Y. Dong n, S. Liu n, H. Xing n, Y. Liu n ...

author keywords: Arabidopsis; Alkaloid; Anthocyanin; Molecular tools; Tobacco; Transcription factor
MeSH headings : Arabidopsis / genetics; Arabidopsis Proteins / genetics; Arabidopsis Proteins / metabolism; Gene Expression Regulation, Plant; Nicotine / metabolism; Pancreatitis-Associated Proteins / genetics; Pancreatitis-Associated Proteins / metabolism; Secondary Metabolism / genetics
TL;DR: G-boxes, MREs, and two TF types are appropriate molecular tools for a De Novo regulation design to create a novel distant-pathway cross regulation for altering plant secondary metabolism. (via Semantic Scholar)
UN Sustainable Development Goal Categories
3. Good Health and Well-being (Web of Science; OpenAlex)
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2020 journal article

Docking Characterization and in vitro Inhibitory Activity of Flavan-3-ols and Dimeric Proanthocyanidins Against the Main Protease Activity of SARS-Cov-2

Frontiers in Plant Science, 11.

By: Y. Zhu n & D. Xie n

author keywords: flavan-3-ols; flavan-3-ol gallates; procyanidins; COVID-19; green tea; muscadine grape; cacao; dark chocolate
TL;DR: The findings indicate that on the one hand, the structural features of flavan-3-ols are closely associated with the affinity scores; on the otherhand, the galloylation and oligomeric types of flavours are critical in creating the inhibitory activity against the Mpro activity. (via Semantic Scholar)
Sources: Crossref, ORCID
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2017 journal article

Overexpression and Suppression of Artemisia annua 4-Hydroxy-3-Methylbut-2-enyl Diphosphate Reductase 1 Gene (AaHDR1) Differentially Regulate Artemisinin and Terpenoid Biosynthesis


By: D. Ma n, G. Li n, Y. Zhu n & D. Xie n

author keywords: Artemisia annua; artemisinin; arteannuin B; 4-Hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-enyl diphosphate reductase; methylerythritol phosphate pathway; terpene
TL;DR: The overexpression and suppression of AaHDR1 protein level in plastids differentially affect artemisinin and other terpenoid biosynthesis, and alter non-polar metabolite profiles of A. annua. (via Semantic Scholar)
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2017 journal article

Overexpression of a type-I isopentenyl pyrophosphate isomerase of Artemisia annua in the cytosol leads to high arteannuinB production and artemisinin increase

Plant Journal, 91(3), 466–479.

By: D. Ma n, G. Li n, F. Alejos-Gonzalez n, Y. Zhu n, Z. Xue*, A. Wang*, H. Zhang*, X. Li* ...

MeSH headings : Artemisia annua / enzymology; Artemisia annua / genetics; Artemisia annua / metabolism; Artemisinins / metabolism; Carbon-Carbon Double Bond Isomerases / genetics; Carbon-Carbon Double Bond Isomerases / metabolism; Cytosol / enzymology; Cytosol / metabolism; Hemiterpenes; Plant Proteins / genetics; Plant Proteins / metabolism; Plants, Genetically Modified / enzymology; Plants, Genetically Modified / genetics; Plants, Genetically Modified / metabolism
TL;DR: Evidence is provided that overexpression of AaIPPI1 in the cytosol can lead to metabolic alterations of terpenoid biosynthesis, and it is shown that transgenic plants have the potential to yield high production levels of arteannuin B as a new precursor source for artemisinin. (via Semantic Scholar)
Sources: NC State University Libraries, ORCID
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