Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Poole College of Management


7 people from this unit have registered their ORCID iD in the Citation Index.

Steven G Allen

42 works, including 17 open access

Steve H Barr

7 works

Jon W Bartley

2 works, including 1 open access

Turanay Caner

2 works

Jon Carr

20 works, including 2 open access

Lisa Iwen Chang

1 work, including 1 open access

Robert L Clark

70 works, including 17 open access

Elena Kulchina

2 works

Roger C Mayer

10 works, including 3 open access

Paul Mugge

8 works

Art Padilla

6 works

Jeffrey M Pollack

49 works, including 8 open access

E. Erin Powell

3 works

Ira R Weiss

40 works

Greg Young

3 works