2023 article

Reflecting on Change: Critical Consciousness as a Protective Factor for Black Youth

Gale, A., Johnson, N. C. C., Golden, A., Channey, J., Marchand, A. D. D., Anyiwo, N., & Byrd, C. M. M. (2023, July 27). CULTURAL DIVERSITY & ETHNIC MINORITY PSYCHOLOGY.

By: A. Gale, N. Johnson, A. Golden, J. Channey, A. Marchand, N. Anyiwo, C. Byrd*‚ÄČ

author keywords: critical consciousness; Black adolescents; racial discrimination; academic attitudes
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 14, 2023

The previous decade has seen an abundance of scholarship on the benefits of critical consciousness (CC) for racial and ethnic minority youth. However, it is unclear whether CC is a buffer against the negative effects of racial discrimination on Black adolescents' outcomes. The present study examined whether three CC dimensions buffered against the negative effects of racial discrimination on academic attitudes.A total of 205 Black adolescents (Mage = 15.10) reported racial discrimination and CC. We conducted multiple regression analyses for each component of CC to test for their direct and protective effects on academic attitudes.Our results revealed associations between CC dimensions and academic attitudes. Critical reflection and critical action also buffered against racial discrimination's negative effects.Implications for research on the nature and impact of CC dimensions on racial discrimination and academic attitudes are discussed. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2023 APA, all rights reserved).