2024 article

Prolonged airway explant culture enables study of health, disease, and viral pathogenesis

Lee-Ferris, R., Okuda, K., Galiger, J. R., Schworer, S. A., Rogers, T. D., Dang, H., … Randell, S. H. (2024, February 5).

By: R. Lee-Ferris, K. Okuda*, J. Galiger*, S. Schworer*, T. Rogers*, H. Dang*, R. Gilmore*, C. Edwards ...

TL;DR: Methods to culture human large airway explants, small airway explants, and precision-cut lung slices for at least 14 days and their use as translational intermediates between in vitro and in vivo studies are described. (via Semantic Scholar)
Source: ORCID
Added: March 8, 2024