2007 journal article

Silencing of the aflatoxin gene cluster in a diploid strain of Aspergillus flavus is suppressed by ectopic aflR expression

GENETICS, 176(4), 2077–2086.

By: C. Smith*, C. Woloshuk*, D. Robertson & G. Payne n

MeSH headings : Aflatoxins / genetics; Aspergillus flavus / genetics; Base Sequence; DNA Primers / genetics; DNA, Fungal / genetics; DNA-Binding Proteins / genetics; Diploidy; Fungal Proteins / genetics; Gene Dosage; Gene Expression; Gene Silencing; Genes, Fungal; Multigene Family; Mutation; Sequence Deletion; Transcription Factors / genetics; Transformation, Genetic
TL;DR: Gene expression analysis revealed a form of reversible silencing based on the position of aflR is likely preventing the aflatoxin genes from being expressed in 649 × wild-type diploids, specific to the a flatoxin gene cluster. (via Semantic Scholar)
Source: Web Of Science
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