2020 journal article

Cloning by cuttings in Nordmann fir, Abies nordmanniana: hormonal characteristics in relation crown position, rooting competence, and orthotropism as ramets

NEW FORESTS, 51(5), 781–800.

By: H. Rasmussen*, M. Jensen*, J. Frampton n, J. Hansen-Moller & U. Nielsen*

author keywords: Abscisic acid; Adventitious rooting; Aging; Auxin; Conifer; Conjugated cytokinins; Plagiotropism; Topophysis
TL;DR: The study suggests that active: conjugated cytokinins may be related to the maturation process in trees and that cytokinin content may also relate to shoot dimorphism and contributes to a protocol for propagation of orthotropic ramets in a Massart model tree species with strong plagiotropism. (via Semantic Scholar)
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