2020 journal article

Ligand-triplet migration in iridium(iii) cyclometalates featuring pi-conjugated isocyanide ligands

DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 49(29), 9995–10002.

By: J. Favale n, C. Hauke n, E. Danilov n, J. Yarnell n & F. Castellano n

TL;DR: Variations in photophysical response are consistent with lowering the triplet ligand-centered (3LC) state of the arylisocyanide ligand as the π system was extended, confirmed by 77 K photoluminescence emission spectra and ultrafast transient absorption experiments. (via Semantic Scholar)
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Added: August 17, 2020

The degree of ancillary ligand conjugation determines Ir(iii) polychromophoric photophysical properties via manipulation of the triplet excited state manifolds.