2020 journal article

Study on the stability for non-uniform helix angle tools in the milling process


By: Q. Guo*, M. Zhang, Y. Lee n, Z. Yang*, Y. Jiang* & C. Feng*

author keywords: Non-uniform helix angle tools; variable pitch angle; stability; the enhanced multistage homotopy perturbation method
Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 31, 2020

Uniform helix angle tools cannot effectively suppress the chatter in the high machining process. Consequently, cutters with non-uniform helix and pitch angles are more and more common in various milling operations. To suppress the regeneration chatter, it is crucial to study the stable behavior of the tools. Therefore, this paper considers the relationship between the pitch angle and the chatter stability defined by the regeneration factor (RF). Further, the governing equation of the machining system with non-uniform helix angle cutters is formulated. Based on this model, the Enhanced Multistage Homotopy Perturbation Method (EMHPM) is used to compute the stability lobes. To validate the theory in this paper, the stability lobes are predicted and compared with the results in the literature. The results show that the rational helix and pitch angle cutters exhibit increases stability in the milling process.