2021 conference paper

A 4-31GHz Direct-Conversion Receiver Employing Frequency-Translated Feedback

ESSCIRC 2021 - IEEE 47th European Solid State Circuits Conference, Proceedings, 187–190.

By: J. Dean n, S. Hari n, A. Bhat n & B. Floyd

author keywords: passive-mixer; receiver; N-path; beamforming; direct-conversion; negative feedback; frequency-translational feedback; CMOS; front-end; 5G
Source: ORCID
Added: December 10, 2021

This paper presents a multi-band direct-conversion receiver with frequency-translated feedback. The forward path includes a low-noise transconductance amplifier followed by four-phase passive mixers which drive baseband amplifiers, and the feedback path employs tunable resistor banks attached to additional four-phase passive mixers, allowing tunable frequency-selective input matching. The receiver operates from 4–31 GHz exhibiting greater than 25 dB gain through 22 GHz and greater than 17 dB gain through 31 GHz. Noise figure is 5.2 to 9.8 dB, rising with frequency; input-referred 1-dB compression point is -17 dBm; and in-band IIP3 is -6.6 dBm. Out-of-band 1-dB blocker compression is greater than -12 dBm. The receiver core consumes 91 mW, whereas an integrated 2:1 frequency divider and pass-gate buffer for generating non-overlapping four-phase clocks consumes an additional 87–227 mW from 4–31 GHz, respectively.