2022 journal article

A new technique using background oriented schlieren for temperature reconstruction of an axisymmetric open reactive flow


By: B. Wahls* & S. Ekkad*‚ÄČ

author keywords: background oriented schlieren; noninvasive; temperature; measurement; reactive flow
Source: Web Of Science
Added: March 7, 2022

Abstract A new technique, called 3D ray tracing, for refractive index field reconstruction of axisymmetric flows from displacement fields measured from background oriented schlieren (BOS) experiments is developed and applied to a lean premixed methane/air reactive flow at Reynolds number of 4000 on a 12 mm diameter circular burner. The temperature distribution is then calculated using a species independent direct relationship between refractive index, temperature, and ambient conditions. The error introduced by the approximation to reach this relationship is quantified using simulated flow fields and is found to be 8% within the inner unburnt region of the flow field, decreasing to 2% through the reaction zone, and then quickly reducing to 0% outside the flow field. The effect of random noise and reconstruction resolution on the accuracy of the method is assessed via application to synthetically generated data sets that mimic the characteristics of a heated air jet expelled into ambient. The novel 3D ray tracing allows for accurate temperature reconstructions of open axisymmetric reactive flows where 2D displacement fields are measured, which is shown to be a shortcoming of current direct methods in literature. Additionally, this is done without the need for any prior knowledge of flow field parameters; only ambient conditions to the system must be known. The simple experimental setup and low computational cost make this approach with BOS a good option for application into existing experimental combustion systems with minimal effort.