2023 article

H2A.Xmutants exhibit enhanced DNA demethylation inArabidopsis thaliana

Frost, J. M., Lee, J., Hsieh, P.-H., Lin, S. J. H., Min, Y., Bauer, M., … Fischer, R. L. (2023, January 9).

By: J. Frost*, J. Lee*, P. Hsieh*, S. Lin*, Y. Min*, M. Bauer*, A. Runkel*, H. Cho* ...

TL;DR: It is shown that h2a.x mutants are more sensitive to genotoxic stress, consistent with previous reports, and data indicate that H2A.X is not required for DME function, but is important for DNA methylation homeostasis in the unique chromatin environment of Arabidopsis endosperm. (via Semantic Scholar)
Source: ORCID
Added: January 10, 2023