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2018 journal article

A synthetic enzymatic pathway for extremely thermophilic acetone production based on the unexpectedly thermostable acetoacetate decarboxylase from Clostridium acetobutylicum


By: B. Zeldes, C. Straub, J. Otten n, M. Adams & R. Kelly

author keywords: acetone; biotransformations; extreme thermophiles
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: December 3, 2018

2005 journal article

Meaningful interposing: A countervalent form

AMERICAN SPEECH, 80(4), 437–441.

By: M. Adams

Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 6, 2018

2005 review

Milestones in the history of English in America

[Review of ]. American Speech, 80(2), 216–224.

By: M. Adams

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: August 6, 2018