Alex William Fowler

2021 article

Pathology in Practice

DiDomenico, A. E., Fowler, A. W., Horne, C. R., Bizikova, P., Schnabel, L. V., & Stowe, D. M. (2021, May 1). JAVMA-JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.

By: A. DiDomenico, A. Fowler, C. Horne, P. Bizikova, L. Schnabel & D. Stowe

Source: Web Of Science
Added: June 10, 2021

2019 article

Effects of acellular equine amniotic allografts on the healing of experimentally induced full-thickness distal limb wounds in horses


By: A. Fowler, J. Gilbertie, V. Watson, T. Prange, J. Osborne & L. Schnabel

Source: Web Of Science
Added: August 26, 2019

2018 journal article

Caudal intercostal block for abdominal surgery in horses

VETERINARY RECORD, 183(5), 164-.

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: October 16, 2018