Lauren Danielle Pharr

College of Natural Resources

Works (2)

Updated: August 10th, 2023 05:00

2023 article

Using citizen science data to investigate annual survival rates of resident birds in relation to noise and light pollution

Pharr, L. D., Cooper, C. B., Evans, B., Moorman, C. E., Voss, M. A., Vukomanovic, J., & Marra, P. P. (2023, July 27). URBAN ECOSYSTEMS, Vol. 7.

By: L. Pharr n, C. Cooper n, B. Evans*, C. Moorman n, M. Voss*, J. Vukomanovic n, P. Marra*

author keywords: Urbanization; Urban ecology; Artificial light at night; Sensory pollution; Anthropogenic sound; Noise pollution
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: July 27, 2023

2022 journal article

The influence of YouTube videos on human tolerance of sharks

Animal Conservation, 7.

By: J. Beall n, L. Pharr n, R. von Furstenberg n, A. Barber n, W. Casola n, A. Vaughn n, M. Peterson n, L. Larson n

author keywords: sharks; social media; communication; message framing; tolerance; Selachimorpha; human attitudes to wildlife; human-wildlife conflict
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID, Crossref
Added: August 1, 2022