Suyong Han

College of Engineering

Works (7)

2023 article

Accelerated Multi-Stage Synthesis of Indium Phosphide Quantum Dots in Modular Flow Reactors

Epps, R. W., Delgado-Licona, F., Yang, H., Kim, T., Volk, A. A., Han, S., … Abolhasani, M. (2023, January 29). ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES, Vol. 1.

By: R. Epps, F. Delgado-Licona n, H. Yang*, T. Kim*, A. Volk, S. Han, S. Jun*, M. Abolhasani

author keywords: flexible synthesis; flow chemistry; indium phosphide quantum dots; modular flow reactors; multi-stage synthesis
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: January 30, 2023

2021 article

A Versatile Compact Parahydrogen Membrane Reactor

TomHon, P. M., Han, S., Lehmkuhl, S., Appelt, S., Chekmenev, E. Y., Abolhasani, M., & Theis, T. (2021, October 26). CHEMPHYSCHEM, Vol. 10.

author keywords: hyperpolarization; parahydrogen; NMR; fluidics; RASER
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: November 8, 2021

2021 journal article

Continuous Flow Solar Desorption of CO2 from Aqueous Amines


author keywords: CO2 capture; solar desorption; amines; composite photothermal microparticles; micro fluidics
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: February 3, 2021

2021 journal article

Intensified continuous extraction of switchable hydrophilicity solvents triggered by carbon dioxide

GREEN CHEMISTRY, 23(8), 2900–2906.

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: April 1, 2021

2021 article

Intensified recovery of switchable hydrophilicity solvents in flow

Han, S., Ibrahim, M. Y. S., & Abolhasani, M. (2021, September 29). CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, Vol. 9.

By: S. Han, M. Ibrahim n & M. Abolhasani

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: October 8, 2021

2021 journal article

Self-Driven Multistep Quantum Dot Synthesis Enabled by Autonomous Robotic Experimentation in Flow


author keywords: accelerated materials development; continuous manufacturing; lead halide perovskites; microfluidics; quantum dots
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: December 11, 2020

2021 journal article

Ultrafast cation doping of perovskite quantum dots in flow

MATTER, 4(7), 2429–2447.

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: May 26, 2021