2022 review

The berry health tool chest - an evidence map and interactive resource

[Review of ]. NUTRITION REVIEWS, 80(1), 68–77.

By: K. Kay n, R. Strauch n, C. Granillo n, M. Bame n, J. Xiong n, A. Mast n, B. Burton-Freeman*, C. Kay n, M. Lila n

author keywords: berry; clinical trial design; dietary intervention; evidence mapping; health criteria
MeSH headings : Eating; Fruit; Humans
Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 3, 2022

Berry consumption is linked to diverse health benefits, but numerous questions remain regarding mechanism of action, dose efficacy, and optimal duration and frequency of intake. Addressing these outstanding questions requires an organized assessment of current research, to inform future study designs and fill critical knowledge gaps. Tools that organize such information will also facilitate consumer messaging, targeted nutritional health initiatives, and dietary intake guidelines. This review aimed to describe the development and utility of the "Berry Health Tool Chest," an evidence map summarizing trial design features of studies characterizing the impact of berry consumption upon human health biomarkers. A systematic search strategy identified relevant high-quality human feeding studies, whose study design parameters were collected and compiled into an evidence map that is freely available as an interactive online interface enabling tabulated data to be interrogated, filtered, and exported. Of the 231 included studies, approximately 70% were of less than 3 months' duration and/or fewer than 50 participants, illustrating research gaps that could potentially inform the design of future studies.