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2014 journal article

Blocking Ligand Occupancy of the alpha V beta 3 Integrin Inhibits the Development of Nephropathy in Diabetic Pigs

ENDOCRINOLOGY, 155(12), 4665–4675.

By: L. Maile*, W. Busby*, K. Gollahon*, W. Flowers, N. Garbacik n, S. Garbacik n, K. Stewart, T. Nichols* ...

Source: Web Of Science
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2013 journal article

Effect of dietary selenium on boar sperm quality

Animal Reproduction Science, 138(3-4), 268–275.

By: K. Lovercamp n, K. Stewart, X. Lin & W. Flowers

author keywords: Boar; Selenium; Sperm; Lipid peroxidation; Glutathione peroxidise
Sources: Web Of Science, Crossref, ORCID
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2012 journal article

Amount and source of dietary copper affects small intestine morphology, duodenal lipid peroxidation, hepatic oxidative stress, and mRNA expression of hepatic copper regulatory proteins in weanling pigs

JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 90(9), 3112–3119.

By: R. Fry, M. Ashwell n, K. Lloyd, A. O'Nan, W. Flowers, K. Stewart, J. Spears

author keywords: copper; copper proteins; mucosal histology; oxidative stress; pigs
Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
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2010 journal article

Endocrine, ovulatory and reproductive characteristics of sows treated with an intravaginal GnRH agonist


By: K. Stewart, W. Flowers, G. Rampacek, D. Greger, M. Swanson & H. Hafs

author keywords: Sows-GnRH; Ovulation; Vagina; Weaning
Source: Web Of Science
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