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Works Published in 1980

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1980 journal article

Scattering-theoretic method for defects in semiconductors. II. Self-consistent formulation and application to the vacancy in silicon

Physical Review B, 21(8), 3545–3562.

By: J. Bernholc, N. Lipari & S. Pantelides

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1980 journal article

Humidifiers as a source of respirable dust in textile mills

Textile Research Journal, 50(7), 454–455.

By: S. Batra, R. Fornes & S. Hersh

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1980 journal article

Lowest order g-2 of W+- bosons

Lettere Al Nuovo Cimento Della Societa? Italiana Di Fisica, 27, 211–214.

By: K. Mikaelian, M. Samuel & J. Brown

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