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Laura L. Edwards

Clinical Sciences

5 works, including 4 open access

Michael B Edwards

Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

75 works, including 16 open access

Steven A. Edwards

Business Management

3 works, including 1 open access

Theresa M. Edwards

Interdisciplinary Studies

Kirill Efimenko

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

53 works, including 10 open access

Anna J Egalite

Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development

18 works, including 2 open access

Jeannie Egan

Wilson College of Textiles

2 works, including 2 open access

Sarah Egan Warren

Institute for Advanced Analytics

1 work

David B Eggleston

Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

109 works, including 53 open access

Mostafa Eghbali Zarch

College of Engineering

2 works

Robert A. Egler


Sitka Eguiluz-Hernandez

Population Health and Pathobiology

1 work

Jeffrey W Eischen

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

59 works, including 9 open access

Joan Eisemann

Animal Science

30 works, including 8 open access

Seth Martin Eisenberg

College of Sciences

2 works

Sujit Anurag Ekka

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

1 work, including 1 open access

Srinath V Ekkad

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

301 works, including 23 open access

Ahmed Mohamed El-Shafei

Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science

162 works, including 17 open access

Hisham Magdy El-Shaffey

College of Sciences

3 works, including 1 open access

George Louis Elane

Comparative Medicine Institute

Erin Marie Elder

Clinical Sciences

1 work, including 1 open access

Emma Irene Eldridge

College of Veterinary Medicine

2 works

Johanna Rebecca Elfenbein

Clinical Sciences

24 works, including 12 open access

Driss Elhanafi

Golden Leaf Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center

20 works, including 12 open access

Destonny Elias


Mariam Elias

College of Education

Gerald Hugh Elkan

Park Scholarships

7 works

Anne Elkins

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

1 work

William Connelly Ellers

Extension and Engagement

Grant Ellington

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

1 work