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Works Published in 1977

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1977 report

Laboratory Evaluation of the Toxicity of Cyclotrimethylene Trinitramine (RDX) to Aquatic Organisms

(Contract No. DAMD-17-74-C-4101).

By: R. Bentley, J. Dean, S. Ells, T. Hollister, G. Le Blanc, S. Sauter, B. Sleight III

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1977 conference paper

Adaptations of fishers and porcupines to their predator-prey system

Proceedings of the 1975 Predator Symposium, held in conjunction with the American Society of Mammalogists 55th annual meeting, June 16-19, 1975, University of Montana, Missoula, 45–53. Missoula, MT: Montana Forest & Conservation Experiment Station, University of Montana.

By: R. Powell & R. Brander

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