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Works Published in 2020

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2020 journal article

Simulation of containment and wireless emergency alerts within targeted pressure zones for water contamination management

Sustainable Cities and Society, 52, 101820.

By: H. Strickling, M. DiCarlo, M. Shafiee & E. Berglund

Source: Crossref
Added: December 15, 2019

2020 journal article

Challenges recruiting diverse youth for physical activity research

Preventive Medicine, 131, 105888.

By: N. Botchwey, T. Conway, M. Floyd, A. Hipp, A. Kim, K. Porter, M. Meyer, J. Burnett, J. Sallis

Source: ORCID
Added: November 24, 2019

2020 journal article

Hyperlocal sustainabilities: theorizing action research for sustainability in the digital age

Sustainability Science, 4.

By: B. Cutts, A. Greenlee, K. Hornik & C. Nigrelli

Source: ORCID
Added: September 23, 2019