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Eduardo Beltranena

Animal Science

324 works, including 51 open access

Tal Ben-Horin

Clinical Sciences

31 works, including 6 open access

Lee Bennett

College of Sciences

25 works, including 13 open access

Sara Lynn Bennett

Clinical Sciences

16 works, including 3 open access

Shaun Bennett

NC State University Libraries

10 works, including 1 open access

Ben Andrew Bergmann

Horticultural Science

43 works, including 3 open access

Jerzy Bernholc


292 works, including 97 open access

Matt Bertone

Entomology and Plant Pathology

89 works, including 23 open access

David Michael Berube


23 works, including 3 open access

Kevin Beswick

NC State University Libraries

Subhashish Bhattacharya

Electrical and Computer Engineering

639 works, including 44 open access

Theodore E. Bilderback

Horticultural Science

31 works, including 5 open access

Grant Thomas Billings

Horticultural Science

7 works, including 7 open access

Andrew Ray Binder


25 works, including 7 open access

Ryan Bing

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

19 works, including 17 open access

Carolyn L. Bird

Agricultural and Human Sciences

David M Bird

Entomology and Plant Pathology

79 works, including 34 open access

Francois Philippe Birgand

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

81 works, including 26 open access

Adam Joseph Birkenheuer

Clinical Sciences

114 works, including 60 open access

Thomas A Birkland

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Administration

100 works, including 9 open access

Shelly Yuki Black

NC State University Libraries

4 works, including 1 open access

Sarah Elizabeth Blacklin

Center for Environmental Farming Systems

3 works, including 2 open access

Mara Blake

NC State University Libraries

9 works, including 4 open access

Alfredo Blakeley-Ruiz

Plant and Microbial Biology

6 works, including 4 open access

Meg Blanchard

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics Education

32 works, including 12 open access

Nina R. Y. Blau

Political Science & Public Administration [in the School of Public and International Affairs]

Anthony T Blikslager

College of Veterinary Medicine Administration

363 works, including 81 open access