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Works Published in 2020

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2020 journal article

Molecular prevalence of Bartonella, Babesia, and hemotropic Mycoplasma species in dogs with hemangiosarcoma from across the United States


By: E. Lashnits, P. Neupane, J. Bradley, T. Richardson, R. Thomas, K. Linder, M. Breen, R. Maggi, E. Breitschwerdt

Ed(s): D. Thamm

Source: ORCID
Added: January 11, 2020

2020 journal article

Bone Regeneration, Reconstruction and Use of Osteogenic Cells; from Basic Knowledge, Animal Models to Clinical Trials

Journal of Clinical Medicine.

By: G. Hutchings, L. Moncrieff, C. Dompe, K. Janowicz, R. Sibiak, A. Bryja, M. Jankowski, . mozdziak ...

Source: ORCID
Added: January 9, 2020

2020 journal article

A retrospective study of vector‐borne disease prevalence in dogs with proteinuria: Southeastern United States

Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

By: E. Purswell, E. Lashnits, E. Breitschwerdt & S. Vaden

Source: ORCID
Added: January 9, 2020

2020 chapter

Chapter 19 - Immunology

In The Zebrafish in Biomedical Research.

By: J. Yoder

Source: ORCID
Added: December 20, 2019

2020 review

Designing A Transgenic Chicken: Applying New Approaches toward A Promising Bioreactor

[Review of ]. CELL JOURNAL, 22(2), 133–139.

By: S. Bahrami, A. Amiri-Yekta, A. Daneshipour, S. Jazayeri, P. Mozdziak, M. Sanati, H. Gourabi

Sources: Web Of Science, ORCID
Added: December 16, 2019

2020 journal article

Oesophageal eosinophilia accompanies food allergy to hen egg white protein in young pigs

Clinical & Experimental Allergy, 11.

By: N. Plundrich, A. Smith, L. Borst, D. Snider, T. Käser, E. Dellon, A. Blikslager, J. Odle, M. Lila, S. Laster

Source: ORCID
Added: November 27, 2019

2020 journal article

Solution paths for the generalized lasso with applications to spatially varying coefficients regression


By: Y. Zhao & H. Bondell

Source: Web Of Science
Added: November 18, 2019